Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just to catch up on what stuck and what didn't

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I'm still on Facebook, but I've not gone looking for my colleagues. Bebo has gone down about as well as Myspace, i.e. I'll have one but I'm unlikely to do anything much with it. just feels kind of pointless -- I'm using Tumblr when I just want to bookmark something -- Tumblr is also getting everything too embarassing for my Livejournal (ouch) but I worry that it's depleting the Livejournal. Something called Virb is too Beta to use yet, sorry, and Dandelife is great! But alas I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME (and never will). Yahoo 360 is never going to get used as it's essentially the same as my Livejournal except with a different set of bugs, plus ads and branding. YUK. LastFM is a big drag to use on my antique Macbook, but I'm persevering, for now. I've not gone back to Jaiku, because I can't take posting by text seriously. For the same reason, I'm still chirping away to Twitter. Freecycle and Flickr will be seeing more of me, the various Second Life types places won't.

For work, the two community sites identified as the most flexible, reliable and popular among the target age group (13-19) were Bebo and Myspace.

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Jo said...

I finally created a Facebook and a Bebo because other people have invited me onto them but I couldn't figure out how to add any friends on Facebook (even the ones who invited me!) without first giving it my email passwords which I'm not prepared to do! I lose at Facebook :)

Jeremy Dennis said...

Run a people search and click on "add friend" in their limited profile. I'd have done it to you already, but your name shows over 500 results in a people search, so no-one's going to find you unless you make it easier. Are you joining the sites using a different email address to the one you use for emailing people? Just asking.