Saturday, January 15, 2005

yes it is my fault

Well, Livejournal continues to be, well, deader than Deadjournal, in a way which makes me vaguely proud* of my secret defection. Fairly unfazed, I put a link to this place on my cleanskies site, and congratulated myself on my continuity.

Then I checked up on my email, and the last thing that came through from LJ was a message from lj:locura_insomnio, who is one of those "friends" you've never met that LJ encourages you towards. Can't remember why I added him. Something to do with lego, godzilla films and pinhole photography, I think. Anyway, just before LJ went down, he made this comment to an entry in my journal which described how a phone post by lj:benchilada had been recut into a techno track by a DJ friend of his:


Ok, the world is truly insane. I actually have no recollection how I came across your journal, but as I recall I found it randomly and it was interesting so I stayed.

That's not so much odd as it is out of character, but the oddness just happened.

lj:benchilada == old friend of lj:fairyarmadillo == my fiance.

The world is a tiny tiny place!
And then LJ collapsed. I guess it was an exclaimation mark too many.

*Also mildly disturbed.

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benchilada said...

You cannot hide.