Thursday, June 18, 2015

the joy of the police alert mailing list

As a confirmed pillar of society, I signed up to receive my local police force's alert messages a few years ago. Normally they are a mildly depressing run of warnings about scams, alerts about petty thefts and the occasional statement about a dodgy someone-or-other to look out for.

But there are also the crime prevention messages, and of these the treasure is the be vigilant for raves message. Here is a prime example:

Be Vigilant For Any Potential Raves This Bank Holiday Weekend

The summer bank holiday is round the corner and your local policing team is reminding  all farmers and landowners to be vigilant to the possibility of unlicensed musical events (raves) being organised on their land.

You should be alert to any of the following rave related activity:- 

  • The removal of locks from secure access points
  • Vehicles, particularly panel vans or larger, driving off-road
  • Groups of vehicles congregating in rural areas
  • Convoys of vehicles
  • Loud music from remote woodlands
If you spot anyone suspicious who may be conducting early reconnaissance on rural land or even starting to set up an event, please report it to [your local police force] 24-hour non-emergency number 101, as soon as possible.

A message for us all. It always reminds me of that bit in Nelson where the farmer leans on the gate and says, "Is it raave your aafter?"

Hee hee hee.