Thursday, March 26, 2009

writing for the web

While I was off work I had time to think about my skills. How are they doing? Are they still set to web 1.0? I decided a course was in order. I did a bit of research, then asked friends if anyone had experience of the various courses I'd identified. Learning Tree's course, Writing for the web, seemed absolutely appropriate and the company got the thumbs up from a friend who'd done their Technical Writing course.

The course was good stuff; informative, practical and focussed. At the end, we were asked to identify the three things we'd be taking back to the workplace. Here were mine:

learning tree learning

Let's quickly reproduce that:

- Learning some sales techniques which may be used to sell/reposition services which are met with resistance
- Checklists for readability and accessibility which can be shared with authors who are not primarily writers, to explain necessary changes
- Formalised process for creating imaginary users, with research examples and background reading to back it up/add authority

There's a lot of writing coming up soon, as the website I'm editing increases in content by approximately a third. Obviously, I won't be producing all of this material, but I expect to need to a do a lot of rewriting, one way or another. It's often very hard to explain rewriting to people without things getting fraught. This course was full of good, non-judgemental ways to talk to people about improving writing and content.