Thursday, May 31, 2007

day 14 : ... and now for all the things I'm not going to do

I'm not going over to Second Life, even though Teen Second Life looks like it's right in my (audience's) age group and interest area. Nor am I hitting World of Warcraft, despite its undeniable popularity with teenaged boys. Apart from any other considerations, I don't think the machines can take it, and oh I do not fancy grumpily twiddling my thumbs over an antique laptop, waiting for my new trousers to download.

But before we go, a couple more places to shove in, last-minute:, which enjoyed popularity with a few of my friends a while ago, has now become, although I couldn't find it from the rest of My Yahoo. Maybe that's yet to come. I easily found out a whole bunch of neat things I'm doing or might want to do and it's easily nicer than Facebook's event organiser. It's not very social, though, (although that may be me feeling less social after a solid fortnight of this) and I'd hesitate to promote it to young people because it's a locator -- primarily for the events, but it also works on the individuals.

Threadless, currently crashing my browser, is a design networking place where I'm a long-term lurker, first time purchaser. Or would be, if the t-shirts had actually turned up, which they haven't ... and Deviant Art is a big online art community which I know that some of my friends use. But I'm out of time and it's not really my scene (images sorted by popular should explain).

And then there are the communities for people into toys, comics, David Bowie, and oh it just goes on and on, stretching out forever. There's no sense I could ever sign up to everything I'm interested in, though I have no doubt I'd find interesting people in all these places.

Last but not least -- let's mention blogger. I've had this blog for a few years now, and subscribe to a few friends blogs via a feed aggregator, but I've never once used it to find people, ever. Blogger isn't about other people. It's about you.

Signing off and socially overcommitted,

Jeremy Dennis.


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