Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 5 : Did you notice the Livejournal?

Day five; the end of the first working week of the Dia Del Maestro Network Sites fortnight. It's only fair to introduce the yardstick. The measuring post. The big weird uncle of social networking sites whose unlikely bosom I have been nestling in for the last ummumble years.

. The very name makes grown programmers cry and parents of teenage goths everywhere sigh theatrically and then admit that they have one, too -- and one for the cat. When I first joined it, it was by invitation. It took me a day to see the obvious application, pass all of my friends invites and tell them that we had a new socialisation tool, and that they would need it for organising parties.

So, today I am going to party, which I found out about through Livejournal (although there was a back-up email), organised by someone I met through Livejournal, where I'll see some people who I know will be there because they said so, on their livejournals. We arranged lifts by mobile -- slack, but we did leave it a bit late.

This is only possible because of Livejournal's excellent privacy tools, which allow you to finely grade friends according to physical location, emotional closeness, in fact any damn reason you please (I have a friends filter called KillBoingBoing which removes everything (and everyone) I read 'for interest").

Of course, I use it for far more than that. I use their friends page as my primary feed aggregator, the scrapbook for sharing photos with friends, and keep up with distant friends and collaborators through their livejournak. It can do all these things, and even better than that ...

If you use Livejournal, you never run out of things to complain about -- and it's never your job to fix them*.

Verdict: Central to my Life 2.0.

*Yes, you can make it your problem if you want. The LJ volunteer community is waiting with open arms!

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