Monday, June 18, 2007

Dia Del Maestro Networking Site Fortnight: addendum

So, you think you've got it. You can post pictures, video, links, the works.

And then comes the day when you want to post an innocent little mp3 and though your Livejournal has been hovering on the edge of being able to do this for the last two years, it's clearly still not encouraging the practice, and though your various bucketing sites will handle any amount of video, audio is not within their remit. No, madam -- unless you're prepared to site through the nonsensical rigmarole of pretending to be a band, if you want to post audio, on your own hosting service be it.

Fortunately for everyone, I managed to find PodBean before I had to resort to registering myspace/djcleanskiesandthebabygoslings. It seems to work; it also seems to have no (free) competitors. It's not especially social, though; I can join groups or hit up channels, but I can't make contacts. It's a bit more like Blogger in that aspect -- more a publication channel than a social networking tool.

Fortunately it integrates quite nicely with your other blogs, providing them with a neat little embedded audio player:

... which could do with a little finessing (a link to the blog entry it's from, perhaps?) but as long as it's working, I'm happy.

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