Tuesday, July 22, 2008

virtual voices conference (1)

I attended an event called Virtual Voices which looked to be helpful to the need to produce short videos, podcasts, etc. Here's the headline:

How can we develop young people's voices so they become the media literate content creators and storytellers of the future?

Virtual Voices brings the media industry together with young media makers and their teachers or tutors to attempt to answer this question and many others...

I guess, in this, I count as a "many other", being neither school-based nor in the media industry! But the line-up and workshops looked very relevant to the things I'm being asked for at the moment -- video, audio, and the chance to produce as well as consume media

It included workshops from Futurescape, PR Bristol and Radiowaves. All sounded interesting and useful.

I took notes in sketch form, as I usually do at events and meetings. For the next couple of posts, I'll be putting up my pages of notes, with relevant links and explanations.

virtual voices conference notes 1

Nothing much to say about this one: I arrived in Bristol early and stopped off for a bacon butty at the lovely Ferry Station cafe. She was the one serving the coffee.

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